My Story

If you have not seen the hilarious comedy Parks and Recreation, I would like you to take a moment and look it up. The show may be canceled, but the fictional deputy director of the parks department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, will give you a taste at the kind of dedication that park workers have regarding their jobs. There is a great love in preserving history as well as the land and it really takes a special kind of person.

Brecon Beacons National Park is just one of the wonderful splendors that the world still has to share with mankind. While so much of our world has been destroyed by mishaps, both natural and human, Brecon Beacons seems to have arisen still against the tides, showing exactly what it is made of. The park and the area is built for strength, having survived the Ice Ages, prehistoric humans, the Romans, the Normans, and a lot of foolish armies in between, up until today, when it has the luxury of retiring from the trials of wars and conquerors, allowing it to rest in peace, showing us what it is capable of doing.


I know you could be wondering what a national park does by itself anyway. The obvious answer is that it simply exists. It is beautiful and harmonious. It holds so much history within the lands itself, that anyone who would step food there should be in awe of its splendor. You should be able to hike the mountains and feel the same breeze on your skin as the people thousands of years ago did. That rock is not new there; it is been there a million years. And it should be able to stay there for a million more, as long as humans know to not screw it up royally.

I have been passionate about the outdoors my entire life. I may not be a Welsh native, but I do not think that the importance and the splendor of the Brecon Beacons National Park is lost on me. In fact, when I stepped foot into the park, I knew that I was walking through a kind of history. The nature has persevered throughout the centuries, showing humans what it is really made of. I was so impressed by its immense size that I will be forever changed because of it. The national parks of the United States are of course also amazing and magical. The ground may not be any older in the United States than it is in Wales, but there is just a different feeling to the Brecon Beacons National Park. Almost like you can feel the history sink into your skin when you step foot in it.

I am a world traveler with a home base of Seattle, Washington, but I will never pass up a good opportunity to walk through an amazing piece of nature. I love traveling the world to see where all of the unique natural treasures are hiding. Brecon Beacons certainly has its treasures and I hope more people will discover it.